Two-years old Theatre Medresesi hosted many stunning workshops during the 2013 summer.

Almost more than two hundred actors participated in eight different workshops such as

“Play Writing”

“What does actors have to do with philosophy?”

“Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong for Bodily Awareness”

“Story Telling”

“Physical Comedy, Improvisation and Modern Clown”

“Movement, Action, Dialog”

“Basic Acting”

“Biodynamic Acting”.

A theatre workshop aimed at young people that was organised for the first time in Medrese attracted great attention.

Moreover, twelve women from Armenia and Turkey came together in Medrese in order to work on the project, “Linking the Stories”.

The first leg of Germany (Altenburg Theatre)-based international project “Women of Troy” was conducted in Medrese between 9 and 19 September.

It was followed by another international project, “Walls”, which has been led by Italy (Astragali).

Finally,  Medrese hosted another appealing workshop, “A Passage in Time: Voice, Movement and Capoeira for Actors” in December.