Tiyatro Medresesi

II. International Monodrama Festival

24-28 August 2016




Tiyatro Medresesi organises an outstanding festival both to present its own pieces and to host significant monodrama performances at Medrese!

The festival program includes performances from Germany, Israel, Iran, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, and the United States of America besides the ones from Turkey. There will be presentations on the genre and mini workshops open to the residents of Medrese during the festival.

Providing a unique opportunity for performers and audience to spend time together throughout the festival days, Medrese Monofest has becoming one of the remarkable festivals in the world.

We would be more than happy if you join us: festival@tiyatromedresesi.org

Festival program and accommodation details will be announced soon…





We are very happy to inform you that the II. International Monodrama Festival will be held at Tiyatro Medresesi on August 20-27 2016.

I. International Monodrama Festival at Tiyatro Medresesi featured an exclusive meeting between the actors and the audience in that they did stay and dine, spend time together at Medrese during the festival. After the talk on monodrama on the first day of the festival and each performance on the following days, they had the chance to talk each other on performances in particular and the genre of monodrama in general.

This  inspiring and fruitful meeting encouraged us to have the II. International Monodrama Festival at Tiyatro Medresesi, where the performers will be our hosts.

In order to enrich and deepen such promising event, we also invite scholars working on monodrama to join us and contribute to the development of the genre via the talks they will give during the festival.

Furthermore, we intend to move forward the idea of “festival workshop” that we had on a daily basis last time and organise a longer one during the festival on “working on solo.” Further information about the workhop will be announced later.

We will be waiting for the performers to send their applications covering

a link to the video of the performance,

a synopsis of the performance,

and information about the performer and the theatre company

until November 15, 2015 .

Please send them to Nesrin Ucarlar on the following e-mail address: festival@tiyatromedresesi.org.

Hope to meet at Medrese!


We would like to thank to all the actors and the audience who participated in the first International Monodrama Festival at Tiyatro Medresesi, which was a wonderful experience for all of us. It was great to have a series of important examples of monodrama at Medrese, to talk about performances with the actors and the audience, and to rethink together on the monodrama genre anew.

Participants also seem to agree with us:

“Once again thank you very much for everything. It’s amazing. I played already many many times in different places, but stay and the opportunity to play with you is one of my most important and very inspiring experience.”

Mateusz Nowak, Poland



“We would like to thank you and the whole theater personnel for all you did for us during our visit! We should confess that this visit broke many of the stereotypes we had!”

Ara Gevorgyan, Armenia






“Thank you again for the wonderful festival and your warm hospitality!”

Despina Sarafidou, 1+1=1 Theatre Company, Greece






“The wonderful space and atmosphere!!! Thanks a lot for all. It was very interesting and good.”

Nora Badalian, Armenia




We have already started to work on the second international monodrama festival to be held next year in a more extended and enriched fashion.

We hope to see you at Medrese next summer!


International Monodrama Festival
25-30 August 2015

As a group working on monodrama pieces for the last decade, we are more than happy and honoured to be able to host at Medrese those performers who engaged in a similar research and the audience who are interested in the genre. We also have the pleasure to share our works with them. All theatre lovers are invited to share this please with us!

25 August Tuesday
21:30 Courtyard


The Festival will start with a welcoming party at the courtyard of Tiyatro Medresesi where audience and performers from Algeria, Armenia, Greece, Poland and Turkey will meet.

26 August Wednesday
17:00 Hall


Celal Mordeniz
Director (Seyyar Sahne)
Art Director (Tiyatro Medresesi)

A talk on the research process in monodrama works and especially on the relationship between the character and the actor, the dialogue between the actor and the director, and between the actor and the audience.

60 min.
Turkish (with English translation)

26 August Wednesday
20:30 Amphitheatre

21:30 Discussion


Author: William Shakespeare
Performer: Nora Badalyan
Director: Hrachya Ghazaryan

The actor tries to combine the modern ‘’performance’’ with the traditional dramatic art…. The heroes of the actor and Macbeth are identified and it becomes impossible to find the boundary between the real and the conditional…

40 min.
Armenian (with Turkish subtitles)

27 August Thursday
17:00 Hall

18:30 Discussion


Author: Celal Mordeniz-İpek Türktan Kaynak
Performer: İpek Türktan Kaynak
Director: Celal Mordeniz
Seyyar Sahne

We all like to be appreciated and approved. What if we have a strong desire for being appreciated and approved? The one who has such a desire bogs down; the most s/he tries, the most s/he founders.

70 min.
Turkish (with English subtitles)

27 August Thursday
20:30 Amphitheatre

21:40 Fuaye


Author: Anton Chekhov
Performer: Ara Gevorgyan
Director: Ara Gevorgyan

In a provincial club, Ivan Ivanovich was ordered by his wife to deliver a charitable lecture on harmful effects of tobacco; he talks about his dreams immediately his wife leaves, until she appears again.

50 min.
Armenian (with Turkish subtitles)

28 August Friday
19:30 Amphitheatre

20:20 Discussion


Author: Karol Zbyszewski
Performer: Mateusz Nowak
Director: Stanislaw Miedziewski

This performance shows the fall of Poland during the reign of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski and also makes references to our contemporary political situation.

50 min.
Polish (with Turkish subtitles)

28 August Friday
22:00 Kitchen

23:20 Discussion

KASSANDRA (A stand-up tragedy in broken English)

Author: Sergio Blanco
Performer: Despoina Sarafeidou
Director: Despoina Sarafeidou – Evangelia Andritsanou
1+1=1 Theatre Company

Kassandra is performed in broken English by a protagonist who is simultaneously the Cassandra of ancient Greek tragedy and a transsexual immigrant prostitute in any city of the 21st century.

60 min.
English (with Turkish subtitles)

29 August Saturday
11:00-14:00 Salon

Mini Workshop


Erdem Şenocak
Seyyar Sahne

This mini workshop is open to all festival participants. The relationship between respiration and voice and the effect of this relationship on the text/song will be researched in the workshop.

29 August Saturday
17:00 Hall

19:20 Fuaye


Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Performer: Nadir Sarıbacak
Director: Celal Mordeniz
Seyyar Sahne

The play traces the moments when a man from underground becomes a self-reflexive one, gets out of his darkness, takes breath and directly talks to the reader.

120 min.
Turkish (with English subtitles)

29 August Saturday
20:30 Amphitheatre

21:45 Discussion


Author: Boussahela Houari Hichem
Performer: Janati Suad
Director: Boussahela Houari Hichem
Mosaic Theatre

Maya is a tale which goes beyond the borders of countries, from Algeria to Andalusia; the country of gypsies and adventures, to the street of sand in Barcelona, Maya tells her story.

55 min.
Arabic (with Turkish subtitles)

30 August Sunday
11:00-14:00 Hall

Mini Workshop


Celal Mordeniz
Seyyar Sahne

This mini workshop is open to all festival participants. Tools for the development of physical and vocal imagination, change in the perception of space, enrichment and transformation of movement repertoire will be researched in the workshop.

30 August Sunday
19:00 Hall


Author: Oğuz Atay
Performer: Erdem Şenocak
Director: Celal Mordeniz
Seyyar Sahne

The story of a “Turkish intellectual suffocated by social conventions, the institution of marriage and fruitless attempts at love.

135 min.
Turkish (with English subtitles)

30 August Sunday
23:00 Amphitheatre


Poem: “Ahmet” Oktay Rıfat
Concept: Mihran Tomasyan
Performer: Mihran Tomasyan
Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası

This piece is the story of those who make the journey of water their own journey and wander along all kinds of water.

35 min.

Contact us: festival@tiyatromedresesi.org