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Besides hosting festivals, theatre camps, courses and the Research Team, Tiyatro Medresesi intends to serve individual artists, researchers and groups who wish to conduct their own work in Medrese. With its library, rehearsal rooms and the inner courtyard with a view of olive trees, Medrese is available for everyone who wishes to run away from their routines and concentrate on their studies. Medrese is especially designed to fill the gap in the field of artist-in-residence for performing artists.

In Turkey government do not support the residence centers yet. Thus, artists are expected to pay for their fees but we believe that our prices are reasonable. In order to reserve your place at Medrese in advance, you can email us at (Please feel free to ask anything if you want to learn more.)

We hope to meet you at Medrese!


(Numbers of persons indicate the maximum. Dormitories and rooms can be adjusted to less.)

14-persons dormitory (without bathroom and toilet, with stove)



Rooms on the Colored Street 

8-persons room (without bathroom and toilet, with stove)

4-persons 3 rooms (without bathroom and toilet, with electrical heater)



White room

6-persons room (without bathroom and toilet, with electrical heater)



Common Bathrooms and Toilets




Corner House


2-persons 2 rooms (shared bathroom, with electrical heater)



House with a Column


2-persons suite room (with bathroom and radiator)



Corridor Rooms


4-persons 3 rooms (with bathroom and radiator)







Oğuz Atay Hall or Big Hall (200m2, 7 m height, tatami floor)



Adalet Ağaoğlu Hall or White Hall (180m2, 5 m height, tatami floor)




Studio (50m2, 4m height, tatami floor)




Amphitheatre (Stage, 90m2, 250-seats)





Courtyard (800m2)




Behram Yiğit Library




Kitchen and Common Room





We assure you that rooms are more beatiful than they look!

Hope to meet at Medrese…


Medrese hosted more than 200 people who participated in almost 20 workshops on theatre, music, literature and philosophy in summer 2014. Workshops and executers were as follows:


“Movement, Action and Dialog” – workshop on research to be conducted by actors on their capacities and imagination of body and voice – held by Celal Mordeniz and Erdem Şenocak

 “Movement Techniques for Actors” – a module of a four-week workshop on consciousness of body and space, breath, voice and the nature of movement – held by Celal Mordeniz and Erdem Şenocak

“Use of Voice in Acting” – a module of a four-week workshop on consciousness of body and space, breath, voice and the nature of movement – held by Celal Mordeniz and Erdem Şenocak

“Youngsters perform Moliére” – workshop for people aged between 14-18 – held by Erdem Şenocak and Doğu Can

“Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards Workcenter in Theatre Madrasa” – workshop on the nature of intentional action – held by Lloyd Bricken from the Workcenter.

“Poetic Body” – workshop on physical theatre constructed by Jacques Lecoq’s pedagogical approach – held by Clout Theatre (Mine Çerçi, George Ramsay, Jenny Swingler and Sacha Plaige)

 “Improvisational Acting” – workshop on techniques for improvising and writing a story on the stage – held by Sena Taşkapılıoğlu Kornhauser

“Clowning and Physical Comedy ” – workshop on improvisational techniques of physical comedy – held by Güray Dinçol

“The Craft and Poetry of Contemporary Mask” – workshop on contemporary mask play and creation – held by Kevin Casey

“Freeing the Natural Voice” – workshop on the methodology developed by world-renowned voice teacher Kristin Linklater – held by Susan Main

“My Life is a Tale: Story Telling” – workshop on techniques of activating skills of story telling – held by Judith Liberman


“The Revolution of the Subject (Citizenship and Humanism)” – eight-day lecture series by Professor Marc Nichanian, philosopher and literary critic.

“What does an artist think when s/he creates?” – seven-day lecture series by Associate Professor Kerem Eksen, philosopher and author.

“Art in the Light of Philosophy” – six-day lecture series by Dücane Cündioğlu, philosopher and cinema critic.

“Tragedy, Politics, Arts, Love: Ideas invoked by Gezi” – six-day lecture series by Professor Zeynep Sayın, philosopher.

“Text Analysis and Creation” – wokshop on literary texts – held by Associate Professor Sibel Ercan.

“Oğuz Atay and the Issue of Play” – workshop on the novels of Oğuz Atay – held by Ahmet Ergenç, interpretor and editor.


Workshop on Percussion by Hakan Vreskala

Tao of Movement: Tai Chi Çigong Shibashi, Başak Arpacıoğlu

Path of Zen and Tao Doctrine, Başak Arpacıoğlu



Two-years old Theatre Medresesi hosted many stunning workshops during the 2013 summer.

Almost more than two hundred actors participated in eight different workshops such as

“Play Writing”

“What does actors have to do with philosophy?”

“Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong for Bodily Awareness”

“Story Telling”

“Physical Comedy, Improvisation and Modern Clown”

“Movement, Action, Dialog”

“Basic Acting”

“Biodynamic Acting”.

A theatre workshop aimed at young people that was organised for the first time in Medrese attracted great attention.

Moreover, twelve women from Armenia and Turkey came together in Medrese in order to work on the project, “Linking the Stories”.

The first leg of Germany (Altenburg Theatre)-based international project “Women of Troy” was conducted in Medrese between 9 and 19 September.

It was followed by another international project, “Walls”, which has been led by Italy (Astragali).

Finally,  Medrese hosted another appealing workshop, “A Passage in Time: Voice, Movement and Capoeira for Actors” in December.


Research Team will be composed of 6 to 8 people who will stay in Medrese all the year round and do an intensive rehearsal during 5 or 6 days a week. Determined by the art director and the advisory board of the Medrese, the Team will work on themes set by these experts. The results of this research will be shared with other actors and theatre enthusiasts in Turkey and the world via performances, workshops and publications. We do not doubt that the Team that will work intensively would create a significant impact on the world of theatre in a short time of period. [Read more]


The action loses its sense, if not crowned by the word, we think. That is why it is one of our prerequisities to document and regularly share the research conducted within the Medrese.

There will be a translation group to be established in Madrasa especially for filling the deficiency of resources in the field of theatre and performing arts. The first translations supposed to be published by the Theatre Medrese Publications until the end of 2013 are as the following:

Heart of Practice, Thomas Richards

Stanislavski in Rehearsal, Vasily Toporkov

A Theater of Envy, Rene Girard

Theater: Solitude and Craft, Eugenio Barba

Coordinator: Kerem Eksen


Theatre Camps constitute the starting point of the Medrese. As the founding team of the Medrese, we have been organising theatre camps for the last six years. Those camps were held in Gümüşlük Academy and in a summer house on the shore of Lake İznik. Those works that we initially have done with our own group in two-week periods have turned into a summer-long study that consists of different periods and includes members of university theatre groups and other individual participants. Over the years we observed that theatre camps lead to remarkable differences in both us and other attendants. These camps proved us with concrete examples that experiement, research and concentration are so critical in theatrical activity. Both the enthusiasm that experience generates in us and the interest towards the camps directed us to establish a centre for keeping research activity permanent. [Read more]


International Workshops: “Masters at Tiyatro Medresesi”

We try to host masters of theatre in Medrese. First, Lloyd Bricken from Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards Work Center, the worldy renowned group, organised a workshop in summer 2014.

Other groups and masters whom we are in contact with to organise workshops for the artists in Turkey are as the following:

Odin Teatret, Denmark;

Studio Kalari – Kalaripayyatu (Indian war arts) India;

Teatr Zar, Poland;

Yaser Khasseb, Crazy Body Group, Iran

We plan to organise biennially a one-week meeting at which international theatre scholars and practitioners will work on a particular theme. Besides theoretical discussions to be conducted publicly, practical exercises such as performances, workshops and open rehearsals will be carried out during that week. We also have ongoing initiatives for organising in Medrese international workshops such as International School of Theatre Anthropology and Giving Voice that are held in a different country each year. [Read more]

ProPerFEST: Rehearsal and Performance Festival

ProPerFEST will be a real festival bywhich artists and the audience really meet each other. During ProperFEST artists from all around the world will stay and study in Madrasa and find a chance to see and discuss each other’s rehearsal methods. The premiere of those performences emerged at the end of this process will be realised in Madrasa with a great participation of the audience. With this feature which differentiates itself from other festivals, ProPerFEST will become a tradition within a short period of time, we believe. We are also sure that Tiyatro Medresesi will become a brand in the world theatre through the performances of the plays produced during ProPerFEST. Furthermore, we think that ProPerFEST gives an important chance to artists in Turkey to acquaint themselves with the techniques of foreign artists.

ProPerFEST will be held in memory of Hüseyin Katırcıoğlu, who organised a similar festival in Assos in the 90’s and lost his life when transforming a factory into a place for theatre in İstanbul.

The date we envisage for one of the ProPerFESTs is August 2015: Monodrama Festival.

Medrese’s program for the period between July and October 2015 is already outlined. A busy schedule ranging from theatre camps to international festivals, from courses for the people of Şirince to thematic workshops is at issue as of the date of opening. Nevertheless, we are so keen to listen to your proposals concerning not only theatre and performing arts but also other fields and to cooperate on them. We will also try to allocate quota for individual artists and researchers to stay at Medrese at any time of the year.