ProPerFEST: Rehearsal and Performance Festival

ProPerFEST will be a real festival bywhich artists and the audience really meet each other. During ProperFEST artists from all around the world will stay and study in Madrasa and find a chance to see and discuss each other’s rehearsal methods. The premiere of those performences emerged at the end of this process will be realised in Madrasa with a great participation of the audience. With this feature which differentiates itself from other festivals, ProPerFEST will become a tradition within a short period of time, we believe. We are also sure that Tiyatro Medresesi will become a brand in the world theatre through the performances of the plays produced during ProPerFEST. Furthermore, we think that ProPerFEST gives an important chance to artists in Turkey to acquaint themselves with the techniques of foreign artists.

ProPerFEST will be held in memory of Hüseyin Katırcıoğlu, who organised a similar festival in Assos in the 90’s and lost his life when transforming a factory into a place for theatre in İstanbul.

The date we envisage for one of the ProPerFESTs is August 2015: Monodrama Festival.