The project of Tiyatro Medresesi has been commenced with the initiative of artists doing theatre at Seyyar Sahne (Stage on to go). Medrese will primarily host the Performance Research Centre working on theatre and performing arts. However, we think that the question of who we are should be answered each time anew together with new participants. Together with many musicians, painters and writers, we have already started to develop various projects concerning Medrese. It is difficult to see any reason not to establish a philosophy or music research centre within the structure of Medrese in the future.

The staff of Medrese is composed of project coordinators, an executive team to work with those project coordinators and determine Medrese’s artistic and managerial strategy, and an advisory board consisting distinguished figures of theatre in Turkey who are specialised on their own fields. The executive team is constituted by academics and artists who are or previously were the members of Seyyar Sahne. This team also executed theatre camps that have been organised for six years and workshops in various cities of Turkey besides performing many plays at home and abroad.

Membership to the executive team is not compulsory to conduct a project at Medrese. Anybody whose proposal is accepted becomes a part of the staff as the project coordinator and works on the project in coordination with the executive team. Besides submitting project proposals to Medrese, one can also take part in a project coordinated by someone else by participating in Working Groups to be established.

The works of Tiyatro Medresesi are supported by Performance Research Association that was founded in 2010.