- Who builds Tiyatro Medresesi? Who provides the finance?

There is no institution, which support us. We, performing artists from Seyyar Sahne (Stage on to Go) have invested all the money we scratched together. Thereafter, people from our friend and family circle who shared our enthusiasm supported us. Nowadays, we kindly accept all the support coming from artists, researchers or art-lovers. We are not against institutional support. However, we did not get any yet. Unfortunately, Turkish State or local municipalities do usually not support civil initiatives like the madrasa, since they have their own theatres.

- Is Medrese a profit-oriented institution?

No. Medrese is a non-profit organization. When the madrasa earns money from some projects, this money will be spent for the other projects in the madrasa or it will be given to the artists and artist candidates as scholarship.

- Why not “Academy”, “School” or “Center”, but “Medrese”?

As we tell in the “Why Medrese Architecture?” section, we have a special interest to the madrasa architecture. Look at this beauty:






A picture from the Kasimiye Medresesi in Mardin, Turkey


- Will it be open also in winter session?

Medrese is open also in winter sessions and hosts a research team for the entire year. Besides, we are expecting artists and researchers as individuals or in groups, who will practice their own work. Probably program of the summer session will be more dense and crowded, however we will continue to do seminars, events, maybe also festivals in the winter session, too.

- Are the doors of Medrese also open to those who are not theatre player?    

Of course. We have enough place in the courtyard of the madrasa for those who wants to carry out their own work. All artists, individual researchers or groups are welcome. There is also enough place to accommodate.

- If the doors are open to every artists, then why is it called “Tiyatro Medresesi”?

Besides providing space and possibility for the artists, we also would like to create a tradition at Medrese. As the constitutive team of Medrese, our area of expertise is theatre. Therefore, we claim to create this tradition in the scope of theatre. However our door is open to the demanding movie-makers, musicians, painters, authors, philosophers etc. The reason we often use the word only “Medrese” by skipping the word “Tiyatro” is because of our intention to be opened to all artistic disciplines.

- How many people can be hosted at Medrese?

We can host almost 50 people at dormitories and rooms. During the festivals, the capacity could be expanded to 100 by using sleeping bags and mattresses in the halls.

- How close is Medrese to the village Sirince?

You can walk in 7-8 minutes from madrasa to Sirince center. Medrese is located near the Nesin Matematics Village. Unfortunately, you can not walk to the sea side from madrasa. However you can reach to beach by car in 10-15 min.

- How can I participate to the theatre camps and workshops?

Every activity will have its’ own type of application. We would be pleased to inform you about application details if you give us your mail address. Our contact mail is tiyatromedresesi@gmail.com If your application is accepted, it remains just one thing; coming to madrasa.

- How can I involve into the team?

In order to carry out a project in the madrasa, you do not need to be part of the team. Sending a detailed proposal and getting the acceptance is sufficient to work at Medrese. As a project coordinator, you will work in collaboration of the executive team of Medrese.

- How can I support?

By imagining a future for yourself at Medrese. If you can imagine yourself working, resting or watching a play at Medrese, please welcome.