Tiyatro Medresesi

Tiyatro Medresesi is being established in Şirince. Performers and the students of performing arts from Turkey and all over the world are going to have a splendid space for creating and learning. With its inner courtyard that can become a great stage, an amphitheatre on the hillside overlooking the courtyard, which is surrounded by colonnades, residences and halls of various sizes suitable for every kind of stage work, a marvellous place to leave its mark in history is being built as an architectural masterpiece.


Tiyatro Medresesi is designed as an international centre for research, creation and performance to be built in Şirince, a village of Selçuk, İzmir, Turkey. Medrese aims to be an alternative venue to host those artists, who have an ambition to not only answer current questions on theatre and performing arts but also raise the new ones.

Tiyatro Medresesi intends to be a centre of attraction and meeting point for Turkey and world theatre. Theatre masters, groups, researchers and enthusiasts from all over the world will find the opportunity to meet, talk and create in the courtyard of Medrese, where international festivals, conferences, panels and workshops will be organised for professional and amateur performers all the year round.

Tiyatro Medresesi plans to be a point of reference for the performers in Turkey. There will be a library specialised on world theatre in the Madrasa. In addition, concrete results of the research conducted at Medrese will be shared with the public while the important works of the international masters of theatre will be introduced into Turkish through regular publications produced at Medrese.

Tiyatro Medresesi aims to be a gateway to the world of the tradition of play in Turkey. Every year Medrese will host a research team which works on the traditional dance, ceremony, song forms and the oral traditions belonging to different cultures in Turkey. Medrese claims to contribute to the introduction of the long-established and infinitely various cultures of Turkey via those works to be presented in the interest of the audience and researchers, as well as festivals and publications.

Tiyatro Medresesi also plans to open its doors to the artists and researchers working outside the field of performing arts. Medrese will be the venue for breathing, concentration and meeting for those who work on different disciplines, such as philosophers, painters, musicians, filmmakers and scientists, as well as theatre artists.