The First Performance Research Center in Turkey

There are many research centres in the world that work on performing arts and inspire Tiyatro Medresesi. However, theatre in Turkey, which is mostly imbued with productions, does not have such institutions that have dedicated themselves to the research activity. With a few exceptions, neither the publicly-funded theatres that need to keep constant play-producing, nor the private theatres that are preoccupied with earning money, nor the amateur and alternative theatres that are supposed to be dissimilar to the first two places particular importance to the research activity. For that very reason, Tiyatro Medresesi and the Research Group it will host claim to fill this gap and to be a centre for both amateur and professional artists to realise, push and go beyond their limits through the workshops, theatre camps, panels and conferences that will be organised at Medrese.

We have observed today that not only the big budget festivals but also the low-budget ones, which are supposedly alternative to the former, gets further away from the claim of being a meeting point for artists and researchers. A true encounter has been less likely occurring between audience and actors on the one hand, and among the groups participating at the festivals on the other, as long as festivals have become events simply composed of plays performed. Medrese will be the place of true encounter as the audience and artists stay together and find the opportunity to meet and talk in the courtyard. We believe that new relationships will emerge at the courtyard of Medrese that will be open to artists and researchers from different disciplines all the year round.

Surely, Tiyatro Medresesi will bridge a great artistic gap in Turkey with its emphasis on research and its claim to be a venue for artists in Turkey to meet their colleagues all around the world.